When to have Septic Tank Pumping?

Each of homeowners that have septic system must know when to have septic tank pumping since this a very important requirement. It is highly recommended to have a regular septic tank pumping, however the regularity will vary how big or small your tank is. The usual frequency falls between 2-3 years.

For a situation that you and your family have just transferred to a house with a septic system, for sure you do not know when the last time the tank is pumped, thus you need to seek for assistance from a professional septic system company. They will check on it and guarantee you that the tank is working well and somehow instruct you when it would be the next septic tank pumping.

Further indications that will tell you that your septic tank have to be pumped is a foul smell coming from the system. This is a tough issue which requires abrupt action by a septic professional. An odorous smell coming from the tank signifies that there is a possible leakage or even damage to the drain field. However, if this is not the problem, then the tank is most likely full.

There are recent units of septic tank that were designed with a light or an alarm that turns off whenever the tank is full. If this case occurs, you must contact then a skilled plumber to perform the septic tank pumping.


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