Ways to Avoid Septic Tank Problems

When you are a homeowner, you must be sure to retain your septic tank in good and functional condition.  Here are helpful ways for you to consider avoiding the occurrence of septic tank problems.

1)      Always make certain that you maintain the water runoff from your gutters and your household away from the septic drainage field. When septic tanks are situated in a damp drainage field, it could not work efficiently.

2)      Never discard your garbage anywhere. Dispose them in the right manner all the time.  Dumped garbage may increase the quantity of solids entering a septic tank.

3)      Do not ever flush paper towels, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, or diapers, and anything that do not decompose.

4)      Just flush garbage that grinds food waste into little trashes.  This will definitely help the septic system digest the disposals easily.

5)      Avoid dispensing cooking oil down your sink. Oils can cause clog up and worst damage your septic drainage field. They could deter a system from absorbing liquid thoroughly.

6)      Keep in mind to have septic tank pumping performed by a reliable septic service company for at least 3 to 5 years, particularly when you got a huge family number like five or more.


These items are just easy to remember, hence make sure you understand all of them. These will somehow delimit your chances of having critical problems of your septic tank system.

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