Uncover the History of Septic Tank System

It has been known that wastewater disposal is sole of the eldest systems in the whole universe. Majority of specialists have their verdict that wastewater and sanitation existed several eras already. But, everyone has the right to react that the ways being utilized before and at present are evidently dissimilar. We could say that today might be more organized and functional as compared before. The most obvious difference that you could see is the technology. Of course we got mounting innovations these days. Each discovery is being developed day by day.

Septic tank was firstly recognized in France according to several specialists. It was being used successfully last 1860 and this was being discovered by John Mouras. He was able to develop and invented a septic tank situated at the back of his household. That septic tank he built lasted and came into usage for 10 years. Then, after 10 years had passed, he came into conclusion to disassemble the septic tank. A lot of his fellowmen assumed that solid human waste are still inside the septic tank that John built. But, this thought was a mistake. When the tank was opened, there was no single solid waste found within it.

The discovery of septic tank

On the contrary, the precise derivation of the said septic tank pumping is vague. The system was developed in several different places in the universe; hence it is very difficult to specify certain location of its origin. But, Melbourne was known to be one of the first cities wherein the septic system originated.

You could locate Melbourne in Australia. It is one of the largest cities Australia has. Way back 1881; Melbourne was into a very critical problem of pollution. During those times, their way of sanitation is greatly basic and simple. Their human wastes were being discarded into street channels which were left unclosed, and then wastes were being trashed into the rivers. But, the first septic treatment plan came into resolution in the year of 1897.


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