Septic Tank Maintenance

Everybody can perform proper maintenance of the septic tank. This does not require you to be a license or skilled plumber to check and upkeep your septic system. Common sense would tell you that there is something wrong with the system when there is a foul smell coming from it.

It is necessary to limit the existence of bacteria in the septic tank. How? Well, you just need chemicals and enzymes to eradicate their growth, just be wary of the additives you utilize in yours. There are other additives that may cause infiltration of the soil and might leak into foliage. Always make certain you are using the correct chemical to avoid any other problems.

In order to make sure that your surrounding is safe, drive whatever sewage towards the septic tank and make sure not to run laundry wastes straight to the drainage field. Standard quantity of household bleaches, detergents, drain cleaners, and others are harm free to sift through the septic tank; but be aware not to dump cleansing water for latex paint cans and brushes into your septic system to avoid contamination.

Furthermore, always keep in mind not to discard coffee grounds, paper towels, cooking fats, tissues, cigarettes, and whatever items that will not decompose into the septic system. These items may clog your toilet, and for sure will cause you so much trouble.

The recommended time frame of cleaning your septic tank is every four years. Call a professional septic cleaner to perform septic tank pumping so that you could be sure it is cleaned efficiently.

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