Septic Tank Maintenance

It has been greatly assumed that proper installation, entire system design and periodic maintenance done on your septic system will prolong its functionality and life span. On-going maintenance will limit the danger of well water contamination and keep you away from expensive repair and replacement costs.

One important thing to remember when having a septic system at home is to make sure that household wastes are segregated appropriately. This means to never pour grease and oil into the leach field because it will eventually cause a system clog up.  If you have kids at home using the toilet, make certain to reprimand or guide them not to flush any solid items such as tissues, napkins, or whatever solids that do not decompose easily.

Also, pouring chemical agents and chemicals into the septic system should be avoided. These agents may deter the growth of the helpful bacteria residing inside the septic system. To make sure that you are doing the correct manners of maintaining your septic tank, call a septic system expert. They are fully equipped with knowledge of upholding the functionality of the system, and would somehow advice any necessary recommendations such as septic tank pumping. It is good to detect minor problems prior of getting it more serious.

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