Recommended Septic Tank Size is Necessary

If you are planning to buy a new house with an old septic system or want to exchange it with new one, you necessitate considering the correct size of the tank. This will make sure that the septic system functions well and offer a reliable and long lasting service. The major elements of the septic system includes the drain line that gathers waste water direct from the house, the leach field (or referred as drain field), and the septic tank.

Correct size of a septic tank is very essential to avoid undesirable problems. If you have five or more members in the family, you should install recommended size of the tank. Installing too small tank may lead to overfilling of household wastewater.  The solids would not have adequate time frame to descend into the bottom part or else drift to the topmost part of the tank. Hence, it will drain out into the leach field with the liquids where it could block the drain field and eventually triggers the septic system to back up.

In contrary, installing a too big size of septic tank does not create graver troubles. The truth is you could able to get longer between arranged septic tank pumping. However, still be wary of having your septic system checked regularly to make sure there are no underlying concerns about your septic system.

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