Learn the Do`s and Don’ts of Septic Systems

If you are a homeowner with a septic system, no matter if you are new or not, proper caring of the septic system will help you much in preserving its life. If septic system is new to you or you haven’t given it much consideration yet, well you must comprehend that not the same with sewer line, your septic system necessitates consistent maintenance and inspection in order for it to function well.

A common type of septic system does include a septic tank linked to a drain field, which is also referred as leach field. Waste water from your household runs into the septic tank which must be big enough to accommodate the water for two or more days to let solid items to fix out of the water.

The water then runs into the leach field wherein it leaks into the ground. Within the septic tank, natural bacteria halt down the solid items even though not too thorough. The residual particles gather in the bottommost of the septic tank. This item must be pumped out once in each 3-5 years. Amid septic tank pumping, the system must be inspected once in each 2 years. The inspection process will consist the gauging the level of solid item in order for you to discover when will be the appropriate time for septic tank pumping.

Make sure not to place anything below the drain field that does not decompose. This consists of cloth, plastic, cigarette butts, towels, drain cleaners, diapers, sanitary napkins, and several more. Also, make sure to cut off the amount of oil introduced to the system.


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