Is there a Need for Septic System Additives?

About thousands of additives are available on the market today that asserts to enhance your septic system performance. A few of the assertions created by the sellers and producers of these additives contains making septic tank pumping needless, removing odorous scent, enhancing the percolation of soil, and any other assertions. The truth is that septic system is intended to employ even without the use of additives.

Waste water from your household gathers in the septic tank wherein naturally developing bacteria break down great number of the solid particles. The effluent or the wastewater will then run into the leech field (usually referred as drain field) wherein it permeates into the solid. Further bacteria in the soil finish the treatment procedure. Solid particles that do not decompose reside to the lowest part of the septic tank and should be regularly pumped out.

In much clearer view, additives are just an unnecessary expense. Using these additives into your sink or else toilet seems to be just pouring cash down the drain. It’s definitely a waste of money because majority of these additives don’t work much if whatever in the septic system already has adequate of naturally developing bacteria to perform the breaking down process of all solid particles.

Be wise of your expenses! Evade from any possible septic system troubles by missing the septic system additives just except when instructed by a reliable septic system expert.

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