Installing a Septic Tank

The procedure of installing a septic tank is quite easy; however household owners have to be wary that there are certain rules, and zoning ordinances in place to make sure the whole septic system is properly installed. It is suggested to employ a contractor or designer to ensure that these regulations are noted and the septic system is perfectly intended for the possessions in question.

For your information, the installation of septic tank is definitely not a DIY or do-it-yourself project. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations demand that installation process should only be performed by professional and authorized contractors. Also, repair and replacement processes must be done by them. Furthermore, all plans and designs must be permitted by building departments. When the installation is completed, the septic system should be checked and approved by a reliable building contractor.

The depth of the septic tank is also a part of the EPA regulations. When the septic tank is installed too narrow of a depth, septic gases might leak into the atmosphere. This may produce a foul odor to your environment, as well as to your neighbor`s. You would not like it to be concealed deep too because this might become a problem once there is a necessary maintenance or repair to be performed. Majority of the septic tanks are concealed approximately three feet from the topmost part of the septic tank to the finished grade.

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