How Septic Tank Pumping Done

Household owners that were utilizing a septic system instead of a public sewer system must be certain to have the septic tank pumped consistently every three to five years. The procedure of septic tank pumping avoids the sludge level that gathers in the septic tank from becoming too high and running into the drain field in which it may be a reason for critical problems to the septic system. In most instances, a clogged drain field should be abandoned and a new drain field installed.

Septic tank pumping should only be performed by septic system expert. The septic pumping worker must be authorized and attached for your security. A virtuous septic system technician would find the tank first through the use of a rod, radio transmitter or other way around. When the tank is already situated, it is then opened to let the solid items to be pumped out of the septic tank. A little digging process might be necessary to scope the access opening.

The septic tank is being pumped through the use of a pumping truck to drive every material out of the tank by means of a heavy duty hose. Water is showered into the septic tank to break up the scum layer and residual solid items and then flush it out of the system. Everything in the septic tank must be eradicated such as the liquids sludge layer, and the oily scum layer.  Once the tank is cleaned, just a little amount of water will be left to help begin the biological decomposition procedure.


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