Helpful Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Septic System Functional

Proper septic system maintenance eventually enhances the health and functionality of the system. Even though septic systems must last approximately 20-30 years, rejecting to endure periodic maintenance on the system may lead to early weakening of your septic tank as well as drain fields, which commonly results to costly repairs and replacements earlier in the given time frame of septic system`s life.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your septic system functional:

1)      Make sure your septic system is inspected regularly. Call a professional septic service provider to have your septic system checked. Through this process, you could verify and resolve whatever problems develop much early prior of becoming it worse.

2)      Do regular septic tank pumping. Majority of households with septic system must have their tanks pumped out each three to five years. Neglecting to do the process may lead to septic system overload and sludge may leak into the drain field.

3)      Never flush solid items in the toilet. This includes refraining to flush cigarette butts, toilet tissues, waste foods and any other items that do not decompose easily. Once done, possible blockage of the drain field.

4)      Do not pour septic tank additives in your septic system. This can eventually break your system, leading to extreme activity and averting regular settling of solid wastes. If you are thinking of presenting additives, verify it with your local health authority or department.

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