Giving Thorough Care to your Drain Field

The drain field otherwise known as leach field or septic field is an important component of a septic system. A well designed and installed drain field may able to last for about 30 years or even more, however when it is misused it will fail swiftly. The drain field is a series of perforated piped concealed underground that lets the liquid waste from your household to leak into the ground wherein it is preserved by the natural way.

When the septic field cannot manage the quantity of water flowing from the home, wastewater will start clogging up into the household. Thorough care is very necessary and the only key to evade this from occurring. First and foremost, you have to make sure that the septic tank is being pumped periodically. It is once every three to five years is the common frequency of septic tank pumping.  Unable to have the septic tank pumped will cause the solid items to run into the septic field and back up the system.

Whilst a septic tank could be pumped, there is no means to clean out a drain field. A block drain field is easily abandoned and fresh drain field is needed to be installed.  Installation of a new drain field is eventually costly. Hence, it is much important to take good care of the drain field prior of any problems to occur. It could be done through avoidance of disposing solvent, paints, oils, and any other materials that could not easily be destroyed. These materials could just clogged up the drain field leading to serious septic problems.



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