Foul-smelling Drainage Field

We are all fascinated to a pleasant and aromatic environment especially in our own home. As much as possible we expend money just make our lawn wonderful. However, when there is a problem with your drainage field, everything that you have paid for will be useless. There is no worse than a foul smelling backyard because of drains from the bathroom or kitchen. For instance you have tried almost all of the typical cleaning ways yet still detecting nasty scent of sulfur, and then we suggest you these helpful tips to properly clear your drainage field.

Drain pop up is frequently the most rejected area of the drain, but it’s likely susceptible to the build-up of grime and residue. Release the stopper and carefully cleanse this entire drainage area. Critical problems will eventually develop when several residues builds up in this area.

In order to resolve your foul-smelling drainage field, the next thing that you are going to do is to make certain that there are no obstructions producing the problem.  You may use clothes hangers to pull out whatever materials or grimes that obstruct the regular flow of the drainage field and then flush the pipe with hot water.  Eradicating the grime will somehow reduce the smell, however hot water is very important to kill the bacteria and wash them out of the drainage.

If you have done those things, yet there is still presence of foul-smelling, better call a professional septic plumber. Let them check your septic tank so that problems may evaluated and probably perform septic tank pumping if necessary.


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