Choosing either Plastic or Concrete Septic Tank

You got two choices to consider in installing a new septic tank or replacing a septic system. It’s either plastic or concrete septic tank. Both of them have benefits and drawbacks. You can seek recommendation from a septic system expert of which tank is perfect for your septic system.

Concrete septic tanks are known to be the standard in the septic services field. They have been utilized for several decades already and remain to be the best. They are heavyweight which signifies a lesser possibility of floating up out of the ground once emptied. It as well creates the tank more burdensome to install. The area needs to be open to a crane to lift the septic tank into place.

The drawback of a concrete septic tank is that it is much more costly when compared to plastic septic tanks. Furthermore, it is much prone to leaks than plastics. But, other than that concrete septic tank is strong and is authorized for use in each state.

On the other hand, plastic septic tank is lighter than concrete which makes it more convenient to transport them during the installation process. This is really important when the access to the wok is a bit restricted. But, their lower weight makes them much possible to float up out to the ground once they are empty if the level of groundwater is high.


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