Care of Septic Tank Begins with Water Use

The main function of a septic tank is to gather and dispose all your wastewater in the house. A septic tank that is well taking cared of is assumed to last for several years. Majority of households do have a regular size of septic tank that could accommodate 1200-1500 gallons. It is greatly important to verify the precise size of your tank because it has been recorded that about 75% of drain field failures were cause by septic system overload. Good care of the septic tank begins with best habits of water use and disposal of waste.

Too much consumption of water will eventually lead to failure of the septic system. Great quantity of water coming into the septic tank in a small duration of time will decrease the settling of solids in the septic tank or else distract settled materials. In the case that there is excessive amount of water in the tank, the liquid passes through very swiftly and the water is not treated sufficiently.  This may lead to entering of the solids into the drain field, which could damage the pipes and the drain field will clogged up.

To avoid these instances to happen, make sure to limit the use of water and have your septic system checked by a professional septic service provider regularly.


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