Bacteria Present in the Septic Tank

Your septic system is composed of several elements and sole of the significant elements it has is the billions of bacteria that reside in your septic tank. These naturally developing minute bacteria performed several functions essential for your septic system to run appropriately and for most septic systems, they have it devoid of the necessity for any assistance from the household owner.

The first phase in the treatment procedure of a septic system develops in the septic tank. Home waste water gathers here and is left for one to two days to let solid material to resolve to the bottom part of the septic tank and oils and greases to escalate to the top part to form the sludge layer.

The bacteria present in the septic tank perform their job in digesting the solids and convert approximately one half of the said materials into liquids or else gasses. The effluents or the liquids then run into the leach field in where additional treatment happens. While the solids that do not digest and the sludge layer as well stay in the septic tank.

The septic system is assumed to function excellently for as long as it undergoes periodic septic tank pumping. It is going to last for several years far better than those septic tanks that were not pumped out.

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