An Overview of Septic System

Majority of household owners all over the universe today are getting a functional septic tank system for their residences. A septic system is fairly modest, low maintenance system that normally functions better if the system is carefully designed, installed, and well maintained.

A septic system consists of two important elements. First is the septic tank, and second element is the leach field which is also referred as drain field. The septic system should be designed and installed to let the household wastes to run from the house to the septic tank then goes on to the septic field.

Household waste water is gathered in a huge drain line which directs it to the septic tank. Within the tank, the solid items drop to the nethermost creating the sludge layer and fatty or greasy items drifts to the area and creates the scum layers. The effluent which is the mid layer, then flows by an outlet pipe going to the drain field which is a chain of pierced pipes buried under the ground in a bed of gravel.

The effluent permeates by the gravel and into the soil beneath.  As it permeates into the solid, the effluent is being strained and treated by means of biological methods.



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